Off-Nights and Loot Drama

So, since 25 man Maly seems to be the bane of existance right now (8%?! Come ON!) we decided to switch our raid rotation up last night to give us more time to work on him. And my that seemed to be a mistake. Fights that we normally breezed through wiped us (as did trash pulls a couple times) and it was just not our best showing all around. I’ll admit that the first wipe on Razuvious was totally my fault. My computer decided to have issues at that moment and trying to MC to do that fight on 1fps is tough indeed. But we managed to get it thanks to Rippa stepping up and actually tanking Raz himself for the last 100k HP. In all fairness we had a couple people that had never been in Naxx in there with us, but it just seemed like everyone was having an off night. We did manage to pick it up at the end and get the Heroic: Arachnophobia down.

But we did have one kind of major moment in guild. I guess major for me more than anyone else. I am still currently using War Mace of Unrequited Love on Tart. Well Gluth dropped This Bad Boy. And low and behold I roll a 75. And begin to dance in glee, as the only other priest in raid has the KT Mace and is holy (I know, Holy needs crit too, but still.). And he rolls a 76. And GM passes it to him. I about die. Not wanting to make a stink in raid chat (though I have seen this particular priest loot whore other items in raid before.) I quietly whisper our GM and tell him “Hey. Priesty has the KT Mace that he won last week, he shouldn’t have been allowed to need roll on that” GM agrees (by way of whispering FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK to me) and whispers The Other Priest to submit a ticket and have the item sent to me, as it is a massive upgrade for me, and a downgrade/offspec for him. I get a whisper later from T.O.P. saying ‘hey, I didn’t realize you NEEDED the weapon. why did you get me in trouble?!’ And that is when I almost lost it on him. my intent by any means was not to get The Other Priest in trouble, but to let the GM know that he may need to look out for stuff like that. Also, then what is the purpose of NEED rolls over greed rolls, if people who are greeding are going to roll for needs anyway? I have passed many an upgrade of mine to someone for whom it is a much larger upgrade. I could never imagine taking a downgrade for me from someone who is upgrading to it.

So my question is: How does everyone else deal with Loot Issues and/or Do you have Loot Issues?


2 Responses

  1. Hi, other priest? Yeah, you’re a whore. Quit bitching about “getting in trouble” when you should know better than to need on an item that’s obviously a greed for you.

    This is why we use a DKP system, it makes items seem more valuable than just typing out 5 characters which causes people to think before they spend. Plus someone who’s obviously grabbing an off spec item will see someone else spending more on it and see that they need it more. Hopefully they get you that staff, btw, it is quite sweet looking.

  2. Instead of rolling, have the master looter post the item in a raid warning, and then everyone who wants it for main spec posts the exact item that they are replacing, while everyone who wants it for off spec rolls.

    This way, if this is a guild run, people see exactly who it would be a better upgrade before (and if there are no primary spec rolls for it, the ML wouldn’t have to post it a second time for offspec rolls.)

    We used to do the one-primary-spec-loot-per-night thing, but now it’s gotten to the point where not as many people need loot from certain places (like Naxx 10), so the people who DO need it get geared up quicker if we don’t worry about that system and just hand loot out based on who needs it the most.

    Also, put a priority over people who haven’t won anything over people who have – say you have a raider who has great gear except for the blue pants they just haven’t been able to replace yet. Say you also have a raider of the same class (or role) that has been getting upgrades all night because they were a chump who turned 80 and immediately expected to get into Naxx 10 and get dragged by the appropriately-geared guild members and the too-damn-agreeable raid leader (yes, I’m bitter .. long story). But say you get to Thaddius and the tier pants token drops – the priority would go to the person who hasn’t gotten anything all night, even if the other raider is still wearing a blue as well. See?

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