Tie Breaker

So I am in Dire Need (as opposed to Dire Maul? :P) of help settling a debate between my GM Azalyn and myself.

Currently Tart is wearing:
Ceaseless Pity
42 Stam
41 Int
43 Crit Rating
66 Spell Power
13 Mana per 5

All around a good solid piece for Disc Priests. However, I have the Key to the Focus Iris quest for the 10 man version of Maly. The Quest Reward is:

Torque of the Red Dragonflight
42 Stam
43 Int
Yellow Socket
+5 SP socket bonus
30 Crit Rating
56 Spell Power
15 Mana Per 5

Tart is fairly good crit wise atm (she hovers around 27% unbuffed, 35-40% raid buffed depending if we have a crit chicken or not) So I’d really like to gem for Int, as my mana pool is a little smaller than I would like, due to wearing the Holy Tier 7.5 Helm and Shoulders rather than something that is Best In Slot for the set bonus, and higher mana returns from Rapture will be nice (especially once 3.1 comes out and DA will no longer give returns). Both items are ilvl 213 (the 25man Maly neck is ilvl226).

The debate? Az says the Torque is better “in every way” and recommended the +9SP +9 Int gem for it. I still kind of like my neck better, though the 16 Int from the gem would be nice, but I’m not sure it’s worth sacrificing 13 Crit and 5 SP for. So I seek the opinions of others.


4 Responses

  1. I see I’m not the only one to vote Cookie! Sweet! (I know so little about priest stats that I have no business voting. But cookies ARE awesome!)

  2. I’d like to make a suggestion as I wish I’d done this on Dueg. Get the 25 man key and then use this quest to get the dps version for off spec. Seeing as how you’re not really hurting to improve your neck piece right now, might as well if you’ll eventually get the 25 man one. I went ahead and voted shard them both, but that’s my real vote :D.

  3. It’s hard to assess two pieces of gear without knowing all your other items and all your other stats (so I armoried ya!).

    For me, spellpower is my number one priority: I gem for spellpower, I enchant for spellpower, I gear for spellpower. Intellect (and by extension crit) comes on gear with spellpower and I haven’t had any problem accumulating either of those. Like you, I’m at over 30% crit when raid buffed (so I’m now giving up a bit of crit and trying to get more haste). Crit impacts the frequency of the bubble. But spellpower affects your heals and the size of your shields.

    I would say that your spellpower is low before I’d say that your INT is low. And I’d recommend regemming away from the crit and int gems to spellpower ones (and/or spellpower/int ones if you simply must get the yellow socket bonus).

    This, of course, doesn’t answer your question. Dueg gave the best answer anyways: get the shadowpriest 10man necklace and wait for the 25man healer one.

  4. Torques generally better, although the diference between them isn’t that great. I’d keep both. Swap the Torque in when you lose some crit on an upgrade somewhere else.

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