In which Tart gets gkicked for needing to eat.

As you may have been able to tell from the title, Tartshapdbox is no longer a member of CoS. Though the story itself is rather amusing. As most everyone knows, I was out of town for 4 days. Since I was with friends and family and had a ton of stuff planned for my birthday I made the decision not to bring my laptop as I wouldn’t have much play time. I let people know that I was going out of town, and since Hubby was in the guild too, he told everyone that I wasn’t there and had no wow access for a few days.

So I get back home and realize ‘damn. We have NO food in the house’ I love hubby to death but he’s not the best person to send to the store without a detailed list or it’ll be ‘hello random microwavable crap!’ Anyways, I inform him that we NEED a grocery store run if we intend to eat anything at all this week or if we plan on cleaning anything or drink anything other than tap water. He tells me that he is helping a friend of ours power level his warrior, and that we’ll head out after he’s finished running ramps. So I decide to jump on my baby shaman and test out the new heirloom shoulders I sent her before I went on vacation. I log in and check the roster. 22 people on. I think to myself oh this is not going to be pleasant. I see the “PST for raid invites!!!!” go out, and I continue killing crawlers. And the invite spam goes out again. And I see this:

GM: Jo! Stop dicking around on your warrior and heal Ulduar25

Jo: I can’t today. I have class in 2hours. And tbh, I’m getting a little frustrated with the “progression” we are doing, so I’m going to sit out before I overstep my bounds. I don’t want to make people mad at me again.

AN: Jo is notorious for being 1. An amazing tree. 2. Having a crazy temper and doing his best to keep it in checks. Dying to too many void zones will make you incur his wrath. Also, RE: “progression” – we’ve been doing Ulduar 25 since it dropped. The guild has only ever dropped FL with no towers. NO ONE ELSE. NOT EVEN XT. >.>

GM: well, we are a progression guild. Get used to wipes.

Jo: Oh I’ve wiped plenty, and done progression before. But no progression because people can’t pay attention? There is no excuse for people to stand in shit and not move, I’m sorry.

Jo has been removed from the guild by GM.

AN: At this point I remember thinking oh my, this is not going to be fun. Jo is a good friend of hubby (Day) and I.

/O Day: Wow, guys really? REALLY?

/O GM: Well he didn’t want to raid and we apparently aren’t up to his standards so let him find a new guild.

/O Day: He didn’t say we weren’t up to his standards. He said people are dying too much because they don’t pay attention and they stand in the fire and that’s why we can’t progress. And it’s true.

/O GM: Who stands in the fire?! You are an officer if you see a problem CORRECT IT.

/O Tart: Um, GM? Last time I tried to correct a problem everyone ignored me. You yourself told me that worrying about where you are standing is the “DPS’s job, healers don’t have to worry about that stuff” so I quit saying anything.

/O Z (our MT): Well it’s not like you or Day have raided with us the last few weeks so you don’t even know how the progression is going.

AN: Day missed 1 Ulduar run. 1. SINCE 3.1 came out. And that was 1 25man. He’s been to all of the 10s as well.

Day has left the guild.

/O Tart: I HAVE TO WORK. I can’t exactly be like ‘um boss guy who doesn’t like me much? I can’t work late at all right now. I have progression raids and my guild is going to get butt hurt because you know WoW > RL.’

/O Z: Well you need to figure out a way to make raids. And show more commitment to helping the people in guild get better.

Random Guildie: Wow… we are downsizing huh?

Z: It’s been a long time coming. He wasn’t that good of a healer anyway.

AN: Day is normally first or second on meters (which they judge by) and if he’s second it’s only to Jo. Insert my temper and my trying to remain calm.

GM: yeah, we need to clean up the guild of the people who don’t want to be in here and just want a free ride to loot and don’t want to put in the work.

AN: Jo, Day and I wiped with them for Months on KT in Naxx. And I still don’t have any loot from the bugger. Temper has hit the enrage and I’m hovering over the leave guild button, but I want to see where this goes.

/O GM: So Tart are you going to do Ulduar with us tonight?

/O Tart: I can’t. I just got back from out of town and we have no food in the house, and I just got off work and would like to eat. I’m only on for a minute so that Day could finish helping Jo in Ramps.

/O GM: So… why don’t you just call and have something delivered so you can raid?

/O Tart: Because I need to go to the store. We have like old milk and mayo in the fridge. That’s it.

You have been removed from the guild.

The Moral of the Story kids? Don’t go out of town or need groceries. It just might earn you a gkick.

The Moral of the Story if you are GM? Don’t kick 3 of your top healers and most popular members, especially if you are already having attendance issues in guild. We just might take 17 of your members with us and reform. Oh and of those 17 members? 4 were healers, 5 were officers and 4 were class leaders. ❤

Special thanks to:

Everyone who rolled alts to sign a charter for < The Uprising > It will be amazing, and thank you guys for being so understanding of my wanting to take Tart off Dunemaul and for accepting my pally as her replacement, and for offering to powerlevel TartJr so that you can “feel the warm embrace” of the bubbles once more.

And to < Dunemaul Action News > for reporting the news of this event to the server (and for getting me on many an ignore list)  and for hosting Tartshapdbox while she gets her server transfer in order. You guys are amazing, I will meet you in the BGs and yes Trix I am a NUB, but I’m still more leet than you. I promise to still hang around and talk shit about you talk to you in general during raids. I will miss Naxx karaoke and NO U wars in trade. I only ask that < Dunemaul Action News >  hosts one last Shimmering Flats war in my honor. You’ve been fun Dunemaul, but this is Tartshapdbox, out.

See you on Darkspear soon Holy Dueg!


6 Responses

  1. Wow… that’s just incredibly ridiculous. And now I’ve got people staring at me in the office because I’m laughing at the stupidity of this GM. What a moron.

    I’m glad you’ve found greener pastures. ^_^ Maybe this will be a good lesson for your former GM that such asshattery doesn’t really impress people; it just pisses them off.

  2. We’re definitely glad to have you, welcome to Darkspear!

  3. Grats on the move! Some of that sounds similar to a guild I was pugging with on occasion over at my old server. It’s amazing how absolutely idiotic some people can be.

  4. Sounds like a guild move was a good thing. GL with your new one. With Holy Dueg? OMG you’re going to need some luck! 😉

  5. Whoa that’s quite the epic story! I hope everything works out!

  6. Holy crap on a stick, that’s ridiculous. I’d have left too with the GM being a toolbag like that.

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