State of the Tart (or the Weekend Recap)

So it’s been a weekend. 3 days of pretty much uninterrupted WoW time, so I figured I would be in need of an update.

Tartshapdbox, the beloved priesty:

Well my transfer to Darkspear is complete and I was welcomed with open arms to < NEED A DISPENSER HERE > by Holy Dueg and Co. I,  like Duegels,  forgot to grab a screenshot of our combined sexiness. I am enjoying myself immensely at the moment. I also got to halfway through Honored with the Sons of Hodir as well as having my first 25 man Ulduar run! I got to help kill Freya and Mimiron (who was a fun fight, even if I was practically crying all the way through it). And now for the Achievement spam 😉

My First Emblem of Conquest!

My First Emblem of Conquest!

And yay for accidental achievements!

go go achievements!

go go achievements!

As for Tartdarling the pally:

She hit 74 finally (I’ve been told that I need to be 80 by this weekend for the heroic running, but I don’t see that happening lol) and she ran Naxx eer, Kara… yet again (the gold you make in that place with only 5 people and no real deaths is amazing.) And just for Amber I present this screenshot:

Levitate is for SS ;)

Levitate is for SS 😉

Apparently my tankadin has master the art of the Levitate SS. Now if only I would have remembered to pop wings for it too!


2 Responses

  1. We were totally gonna lose at Mimiron too, but Tart was all, “man, eff this sheeit” and went all super saiyan pew pew laserz on his mechanical ass.


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