On farming, or my lack thereof

I have a confession to make.

I HATE.HATE. Farming on a priest. Especially as a heal-y priest. It’s like Holy Fire, Smite, Smite, Smite, Smite, Smite, oh bai mana, wand, wand, wand… oh look. 1 mob is dead. >.<

WTB the ability to kill multiple things at once plz.

whew. I feel better now. Unfortunately raids can be expensive. Especially on a new server where I don't have access to people who will make me things for crazy cheap (aka Mr Tart's Shaman making me my raid Flasks for the low low price of my enchanting his gear for free when he got upgrades. I still think I was the winner in that deal) and most importantly, I don't have my Paladin. Who I rolled and leveled with Skinning and Herbing to be Tart's workhorse. She's still only 74 though, but she's so easy to level. The only thing stopping her from being 80 is my lack of time, which hopefully will change soon so I can get her to 77, get her epic flying and move her to darkspear so Tart isn't a broke priest anymore.

Because really? Farming on a priest sucks yo.


5 Responses

  1. I totally agree. Farming is the suck as a holy priest. I try to make it interesting though – I throw in a SW:P too. (/gasp!)

    I’ve been working a little bit lately on getting Sha’tari Skyguard rep for a flying pancake, so I get to kill stuff that is level 70 – which feels nice, ’cause I really can just dot it, run around and dot more, (with a shield up, n’est pas) and… just wait. If I get bored of that method, I’ll Holy Fire the first one, Holy Nova to speed the process up.


  2. Pst. Mind Sear.


  4. […] flight speed? I’m DOWN. Lemme tell you, my priest had normal flying FOREVER. Cuz yanno I don’t like to farm on my priest…and that shit is SLOW. really slow. When you would rather take the taxi with all […]

  5. I agree!! Healy type priest soloing is bad times. I went with a friend to Icecrown the other day and he’s all, where’d you go? I’m like I’m right here, he’s all I can’t see you. Didn’t you quest here?

    LOL, priests don’t quest, we instance.

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