In which tart starts a war



P.S. I’ve been quiet, I know, between the hacking, and RL, and moving this over to my own domain (and my pickiness over themes and such) I’ve not been in a posting mood. But the move is pretty much done, and I’ll be sending out the address in the next post. Which will be tomorrow I promise, so please don’t kill me!!

❤ Tart


4 Responses

  1. NO, NEVER

  2. What made you decide to go ahead and move to your own domain?

  3. Yay ❤

  4. This wouldn’t be the same tart that was in Council of Shadows an age ago would it? I just happened to stumble on your blog through another of your guildies that I read avidly and wasn’t sure =D If not I’m sorry, if so I was in that guild with someone with the EXACT same name as you 😛 I played a mage named Galadriel (funky a cant do it on a laptop).


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